WindWX weather forecast services provided by Global Weather Corporation WindWX weather forecast services provided by Global Weather Corporation


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Global Weather Corporation’s WindWX® service provides forecasts of hub height wind speed and estimated power output (when system characteristics are available), for any wind farm at any location in the world. WindWX’s accurate estimates of hub height wind speed enable reliable monitoring and prediction of wind energy systems, including power production. Typical users include utilities, energy traders, farm operators, farm maintenance crews, and transmission operators. Forecasts can be displayed in our simple, intuitive, web-based display, shown here. Alternatively, our forecast data feed can be integrated into any customer system.

WindWX | Our web-based
        display used by Wind Energy Systems

WindWX combines two critical modeling steps.

  1. The first is GWC’s best-in-the-world atmospheric forecast, 1 used in this case to generate hub height wind speed information.
  2. The second is our power conversion model that converts wind speed to output power. Some customers need only hub height wind speed; others need the conversion to power as well. When observational data are available, the system can provide an improved forecast based on statistical analysis of the observations.

The increasingly accurate wind energy forecasts for Xcel Energy have led to opportunity cost savings of $59.3 million, using the day-ahead forecast. The accuracy of the GWC day-ahead forecast is about 11% at the Xcel projects, an increase of 35% from 6 years ago.

WindWX Forecast Error Reduction Save Xcel Customers $59.3 million


WindWX includes two datasets, both of which are updated every 15 minutes:

  • Hourly intervals out to 7 days, and
  • 15 minute intervals out to 3 hours

Observations of wind speed and power, when available, are input to the system. These data are used to optimize the forecast generation and power conversion steps in the processing chain. Output is available through GWC’s web-based time-series graphical user interface and as a data feed for integration into automated processes.The table below summarizes the standard output variables when power output data are provided in addition to hub height wind speed.

Data for WindWX Services


  • Output Power at Node
  • Average Wind Speed at Site
  • Rolling 7-day Power %MAE
  • Rolling 30-day Power %MAE
  • Rolling 365 day Power %MAE
  • Minimum Node Power
  • Maximum Node Power
  • Power as % of Capacity
  • Available Power at Node
  • Min Available Power at Node
  • Max Available Power at Node
  • Available Power 7-day %MAE
  • Available Power 30-day %MAE

Delivery Method

  • Standard web services as bulk CSV files

1. ForecastWatch is an independent provider of forecast accuracy and skill information. Read the report at

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