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Data Services

Global Weather Corporation® (GWC) provides the most accurate weather forecasts for people and businesses in the new connected world. Businesses rely on our accuracy for improving operations, enhancing decision-making, increasing profit margins, and serving their customers. Forecasts can be used as stand-alone information, delivered as part of our enhanced services, or embedded within decision support systems and connected devices. All of these can be delivered as white labeled, as if they are your company products. GWC services benefit from continued R&D investment, persistent focus on automation, and our ongoing commitment to provide the most accurate forecasts available anywhere.

Foundational Forecast Services

Versatile services with global coverage, designed to serve most users with minimal customization

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SensorWX® provides tuned forecasts at weather station (sensor) locations. A tuned forecast represents the best match to both historic and current conditions as measured by that sensor. Forecasts for thousands of publicly-available sensors (such as METARS) are currently accessible within our datasets, and forecasts for customer-owned sensors can be provided.

PointWX® provides forecasts at arbitrary locations - since weather stations are not always present where people need forecasts. To do this, we generate a gridded forecast that is intelligently interpolated to provide a forecast at any requested location.

GWC consistently provides the world's most accurate temperature forecast, according to forecastwatch.1

Specialized Forecast Services

Vertical-specific services built from the foundation of SensorWX and PointWX

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RoadWX® provides forecasts of road surface conditions and corresponding weather for any road location, worldwide. Forecasts are hourly out to 48 hours, with userspecified spatial resolution (such as every 1/2 km).

WindWX® is a precision wind energy forecast service, updated every 15 minutes out to 168 hours, with farm-level optimization and aggregation to any level (such as by node or ISO to provide situational awareness of the entire portfolio).

SolarWX® provides hourly forecasts of centralized or distributed solar power, whether observational data is available or not. Farm-level forecasts are aggregated to the regional level to provide higher-level situational awareness of the entire portfolio.

1. ForecastWatch is an independent provider of forecast accuracy and skill information. Read the report at

2. NCAR is the National Center for Atmospheric Research, a Federally Funded Research & Development Center (FFRDC) funded primarily through a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). It is operated by the University Corporation for National Research (UCAR), a consortium of universities. Intellectual property and commercialization of NCAR technology is accomplished through the UCAR Foundation (UCARF), a non-profit organization chartered by UCAR. For further information, visit

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