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RoadWX:® Precision Road Surface Conditions Forecast Service
for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Global Weather Corporation is the world’s leading innovator of precision road surface conditions data, optimized for connected and autonomous vehicle platforms. The mobility industry depends on accurate, real-time forecast information to power consumer and commercial fleet platforms. While there is no shortage of available weather data, only Global Weather Corporation forecasts what happens on the road surface.

Our road surface conditions forecast, RoadWX, is built on more than two decades of scientific research and has been used in real world applications for airports, departments of transportation, and connected and autonomous vehicles. RoadWX delivers unparalleled accuracy and reliability to enable road weather safety alerts, route optimization, rideshare fleet deployment, and transportation decision systems.

RoadWX® combines two critical modeling steps. The first is Global Weather Corporation’s industry-leading atmospheric forecast, ranked #1 in the world for accuracy.1 The second is our road physics model, which utilizes radiation transfer algorithms to compute road surface temperature using current weather and road surface condition history as inputs.

Accurately predicting road temperature is critical to forecasting road state correctly, making it possible to distinguish between snowfall melting on warm roads or accumulating on cold roads. Our road temperature forecast accuracy has been verified by comparison to Road Weather Information System (RWIS) observations.

Pavement Temperature and Road Surface Conditions Modeling

GWC | Modeling for Pavement Temperature and Road Conditions

The map below illustrates how RoadWX forecasts can distinguish between key road surface conditions forecasts (dry, wet, snow, and ice), at road increments of 1 km or less. This service delivers national, regional, or by-route forecasts, updated as often as every five minutes, even within a localized area.

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GWC | Modeling for Pavement Temperature and Road Conditions

RoadWX Weekend Road Conditions PreviewTM

Weekend Road Conditions Preview™ of the United States

RoadWX data is generated at hourly and sub-hourly intervals, with forecast lead times available to 48 hours.

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1. According to ForecastWatch®, an independent provider of forecast accuracy and skill information, GWC’s forecast was the best for 2013, 2014, and 2015. Sample reports are available at