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SensorWX® and PointWX:® Setting the Standard for Forecast Precision, Accuracy and Global Coverage

Businesses are served by Global Weather Corporation’s ability to provide insight and innovation to address their forecasting needs. Our DaaS global-coverage forecasting services are updated sub-hourly for the locations of public and private weather stations (SensorWX) and at non-station, user-selected locations anywhere in the world (PointWX). Both SensorWX and PointWX are available as white label services.

SensorWX provides tuned forecasts at weather station (sensor) locations. A tuned forecast represents the best match to both historic and current conditions as measured by that sensor. Forecasts for thousands of publicly-available sensors (such as METARS) are currently accessible within our datasets, and forecasts for customer-owned sensors can be provided.

PointWX provides forecasts at arbitrary locations - since weather stations are not always present where people need forecasts. To do this, we generate a gridded forecast that is intelligently interpolated to provide a forecast at any requested location.

*ForecastWatch® is an independent provider of forecast accuracy and skill information. Sample reports are available upon request.