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Global Weather Corporation’s founders are innovators who have built successful businesses, chaired the world’s leading atmospheric sciences organizations, and created a disruptive weather technology that has advanced the weather community’s access to a scalable forecasting platform. Our customers benefit directly from their thought leadership and commitment to scientific advancement embodied by our team.

Mark Flolid | CEO/Founder

Mark Flolid, CEO/Chairman and Founder

Mark has 30 years of experience in founding and growing high tech companies. He is chairman/co-founder of Advanced Radar Corporation, a University Corporation of Atmospheric Research Foundation technology transfer company. Mark co-founded SignalSoft Corporation (IPO in 2001), the company that created the network foundation for location based services for the wireless network. Prior to that, he was SVP Marketing and Sales for SCC Inc. (now Intrado, IPO in 1998), the largest service center for E9-1-1 service in North America. He holds a BA and MS in Economics from The University of Texas.

Bill Gail the CTO/Founder of GWC

Bill Gail, CTO/Founder

Bill is past president of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and has worked for over two decades in the fields of meteorology services, satellite meteorology (Ball Aerospace), and location-aware software (Microsoft). Bill holds a PhD in electrical engineering from Stanford. He serves on various advisory committees, including the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Board on Atmospheric Science and Climate (BASC).

Bill Myers the CSO/Founder of GWC

Bill Myers, CSO/Founder

Bill is a former NCAR scientist and the primary developer of DICast. He has developed forecasting capabilities in areas such as the weather forecast engine for the Weather Channel, road weather, agriculture, and most recently wind energy for Xcel Energy. Bill holds a BA from Dartmouth and an MA from University of Washington, both in Mathematics, and a PhD in Computer Science from University of Colorado.