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First Quarter 2017


Weekend Road Conditions Preview™ Launched by Global Weather Corporation

Weekend Road Conditions Preview™ Launched by Global Weather Corporation in the USA and Europe
Weekend Road Conditions Preview Launched by Global Weather Corporation

Road conditions preview for North America and Europe now available as a free subscription. Click Here to subscribe

BOULDER – March 16, 2017 – Global Weather Corporation® (GWC), the global leader in accurate weather forecasts, is launching a free subscription program this week providing previews of the upcoming weekend road conditions on all major roadways in both North America and Europe. The Weekend Road Conditions PreviewTM is available by request from GWC by clicking HERE. The program provides a snapshot preview of the changing road surface conditions as of Friday morning for the upcoming weekend for all major roadways in North America and Europe.

Almost 1 in 4 crashes in the U.S. occur during poor weather conditions that impact road surfaces, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s website. That number is even higher for Europe, where fully 30% of accidents involve poor road conditions. Those crashes have a significant economic and personal impact, estimated to be at least $22 billion in the U.S. every year and £18 billion in Europe.

Preview Based on RoadWX Technology

The Weekend Road Conditions Preview illustrates the more comprehensive RoadWX® forecast service available to GWC customers. The company’s proprietary RoadWX technology forecasts road surface conditions (dry, wet, slush, snow/ice) at road increments of as little as 1 km or less, and also provides the corresponding atmospheric weather forecasts. This service delivers national, regional or by-route forecasts updated as often as every five minutes, enabling subscribers to quickly identify potentially hazardous stretches of road.

“Weather changes everything, and has a significant impact on consumer and commercial vehicle safety worldwide,” noted GWC chief executive officer Mark Flolid. “Providing accurate forecasts of the road surface conditions is an important step to reducing the cost of weather-related accidents and delays.”

Weekend Road Conditions Preview™ Launched by Global Weather Corporation in the USA and Europe

World’s Most Accurate Global Forecasts

ForecastWatch, an independent evaluator company, has identified GWC as the overall most accurate major weather provider for 2013-15. GWC’s forecast services are available for any location in the world. “Our R&D relationship with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), coupled with technology developed by GWC, allows us to reliably assess and forecast local weather conditions throughout the world,” noted Flolid. “With so much of our global economy depending on the ability to react quickly to changing weather conditions, it’s a critical service.”

About Global Weather Corporation

To serve a world connected by information, Global Weather Corporation® (GWC) is transforming how weather forecasts are created, delivered, and used. GWC’s artificial intelligence systems process the world’s best weather data into forecasts that have been independently validated as the most accurate available anywhere (by ForecastWatch, Our customers are large and small companies globally; we improve how they serve their customers, and make their operations more effective. For further information, visit

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