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Global Weather Corporation Awarded Patent for Improving Weather Forecasts Using Vehicle Sensors

High-resolution forecasts based on innovative use of vehicle sensor data fill the autonomous vehicle weather gap by delivering reliable road weather and surface conditions information to enable safe navigation along any route worldwide

BOULDER, CO, April 9, 2019 – Global Weather Corporation, a leading provider of weather forecast data services for business applications, announced today that it has been awarded a patent for its method for improving weather forecasts by incorporating sensor data from vehicles.

Weather can vary over sub-kilometer scales, particularly in coastal areas, mountain regions, urban areas, and across valleys. This fine-scale variation is hard to predict using traditional weather models. Yet the demand for detailed weather information has grown rapidly with the proliferation of mobile devices capable of receiving weather information and with advances in highly autonomous vehicles. Users seeking reliable weather information for their specific location are often provided with forecasts from fixed-location weather station locations, not for where they actually are.

The newly patented method delivers an improved forecast that leverages the increased geographic availability of vehicle sensors capable of providing weather observations. The vehicle observations greatly augment what is available from traditional fixed-location weather stations operated by institutions and enthusiasts. The method enables a fine-scale estimate of typical, localized weather variability, from which more accurate weather forecasts can be generated.

According to Global Weather Corporation CTO and lead inventor on the patent, Bill Gail, “Many of the most demanding new weather use cases, such as driving decisions made by autonomous vehicle systems, require ever-better forecast quality and specificity. The novel methods addressed in this patent make that possible.”

CEO, Mark Flolid, added, “Our team of scientists continues to lead the industry by innovating to address the mobility industry’s toughest weather challenges. This patent is another example of Global Weather Corporation anticipating customer needs and advancing technology that will address major safety and operational issues for autonomous vehicles by forecasting hazardous road weather conditions for any road in the world.”

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