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Getting Started

Global Weather Corporation® (GWC) is focused on providing the most accurate weather forecast possible to its customers. In order to begin the process of understanding how we can best serve you, there are a few important things we need to know.

  1. What's the use case? Just tell us how you plan to use the forecast data and we can figure out how to match our forecasting services with you’re use case. As mentioned above, we support both end-users and value-add resellers of our forecast services. For details on the many forecast services we offer please download and review the pdf service descriptions provided for each service presented on the home page.
  2. What locations are needed? The common denominator is the latitude and longitude of the forecast location. Forecast locations can be anywhere, but typically they are associated with a physical location like a weather station, city, zip code, wind farm, solar farm, road network, or even gridded coverage of some regions. We can provide forecasts for any location in the world.
  3. How many forecasts are needed? What we want to know is the approximate volume of forecasts you require. For example, a utility customer may want 10,000 forecast locations for a predictive outage analysis, updated and delivered hourly with a forecast horizon of 360 hours. An auto manufacture may need weather and road surface forecast for 1 million vehicles, updated and delivered every 15 minutes with a forecast horizon of 6 hours.
  4. What's the delivery method? We deliver our forecast either as a bulk (web services or FTP) file or as on-demand API-based web services transaction call. The type of delivery method is generally dictated by what best matches the transaction volume and use case.
  5. Planning to trial the forecast? In special circumstances we participate in trials, but only if the methodology, time-line, and selection criteria are clearly defined. Alternatively, we can provide an objective 3 rd party validation of our forecasts for all regions of the world through the annual ForecastWatch report. For renewable energy forecasts, we provide validation reports for both solar and wind. For road surface forecasting, we have conducted many validation studies for the US and Europe.
  6. Is imagery needed? Do you need imagery that complements the forecast data feed? We can provide global imagery for many forecast variables.
  7. Is historic data needed? Do you need a history of observations or forecasts at the locations of your forecasts?

Please call us at 303-592-2061 or email us at so that you can be connected to the right expert at Global Weather to address your weather forecasting needs.

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