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Foundational Forecast Services

Global Weather Corporation®’s (GWC) two standard forecast services provide global coverage and are designed to serve most users with minimal customization.

SensorWX® provides tuned forecasts at weather station (sensor) locations. A tuned forecast represents the best match to both historic and current conditions as measured by that sensor. Forecasts for thousands of publicly-available sensors (such as METARS) are currently accessible.

Global Weather Corporation | PointWX Service Overview

PointWX® provides forecasts at arbitrary locations – since weather stations are not always present where people need forecasts. To do this, we generate a gridded forecast that can be intelligently interpolated to provide a forecast at any requested location.

Specialized Forecast Services

GWC’s specialized forecasts are derived from SensorWX and PointWX

Global Weather Corporation | RoadWX Service Overview

RoadWX® provides forecasts of road surface conditions and corresponding weather for any road location, worldwide. Forecasts are hourly out to 48 hours, with spatial resolution of 1 km along any roadway.

Global Weather Corporation | WindWX Service Overview

WindWX® is a precision wind energy forecast service, updated every 15 minutes out to 168 hours. It offers farm-level optimization and aggregation to any level, such as by node or ISO to provide situational awareness of the entire portfolio.

Global Weather Corporation | SolarWX Service Overview

SolarWX® provides hourly forecasts of centralized or distributed solar power, whether observational data is available or not. Farm-level forecasts are aggregated to the regional level to provide higher-level situational awareness of the entire portfolio.

Who We Are

GWC is a weather data services company that is commercializing the world’s best weather forecasting technologies.

Why We Are Different

To serve a world connected by information, GWC is transforming how weather forecasts are created, delivered, and used. GWC’s artificial intelligence systems process the world’s best weather data into forecasts that have been independently validated as the most accurate available anywhere. Our customers are large and small companies globally; we improve how they serve their customers, and make their operations more effective.

More About Us
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Our Customers

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Earth Networks

Earth NetworksTM with more than 20 years of expertise as a weather services provider, built and operates an extensive weather observation network; including over 10,000 proprietary weather stations and lightning sensors around the globe. Starting in 2012, they began using GWC forecasts so they can offer a full portfolio of weather observation and forecast services anywhere in the world to a broad range of industries such as airport operation, broadcast, energy, insurance, and parks & recreation.


Yahoo, a wholly owned subsidiary of Verizon, has the 6th most visited web portal in the world and supports a billion active web and mobile users. In 2014, GWC became the weather data supplier to Yahoo worldwide operations, providing a feed of global weather forecast data and imagery, updated every 15 minutes and accessible to all Yahoo users.

Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy is the largest wind power provider in the US. Since 2011, GWC has provided the wind power forecasting services for Xcel's three operating regions: Northern States Power, Public Service of Colorado, and Southern Power Service. Xcel has saved over $66 million due to improved accuracy since deployment as compared to their previous forecast.


INRIX provides real-time road traffic analytics to numerous world-class companies and public agencies across 60 countries. Since 2015, GWC's road weather forecasts, available every half kilometer along all major road networks in North America and Europe, have enabled INRIX alerting solutions that support driver safety and efficiency.


Planalytics helps industries understand how weather impacts their supply chain management and bottom-line. Since 2013, GWC's forecast services have helped Planalytics serve weather intelligence to major corporations through-out the world, such as Coca Cola, Johnson and Johnson, and Bloomberg.


Accuweather, founded in 1962, is among the oldest and most well-known commercial weather companies in the world, with 175,000 paying customers and mobile application users. Since 2014, GWC has provided weather forecasts that are used by Accuweather to advance the quality and accuracy of its forecast system.

Global Weather Corporation Our Customers Background Global Weather Corporation Use Cases Background

Getting Started

GWC is focused on providing the most accurate weather forecast possible to its customers. In order to begin the process of understanding how we can best serve you, there are a few important things we need to know.

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