Global Weather Corporation is transforming the way weather forecasts are created for the connected world by delivering rapid innovation and disruptive solutions. We provide the world’s most accurate, weather data (DaaS) for businesses that require reliable weather intelligence to prioritize safety and to support critical operations.

Our heritage is in the world’s most prestigious weather research institution, the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Leveraging decades of advanced weather research, Global Weather Corporation has created the #1 ranked forecast in the world and a host of specialized forecast services that benefit the markets we serve and our partners in the global weather community.

*GWC forecasts have been independently validated as the most accurate available anywhere by ForecastWatch®. Read the report at

Foundational Forecast Solutions

Global Weather Corporation’s two standard enterprise forecast solutions, SensorWX® and PointWX®, provide the world’s most accurate global weather coverage and are designed for rapid innovation to meet customer specifications.

Specialized Forecast Solutions

Our specialized forecasts are designed to meet the unique needs of the mobility (RoadWX®) and renewable energy (SolarWX®, WindWX®) industries and are built on our world-leading foundational forecast technologies.